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9th February 2015: Many white women travel to Mombasa, Kenya, purposely looking to get laid. The lucky ones end up finding love.

29th January 2015: Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan last Sunday went to pray at the Winners Chapel, Ota, Ogun State, southwest Nigeria. The prayers were led by Bishop David Oyedepo.

27th January 2015: Vogue Italia has shortlisted 11 African fashion brands in their Scouting for Africa Contest.

If you are an immigrant in Italy and are planning to travel abroad to spend Christmas holidays with your families and friends, there are some important rules you must be aware of in order to avoid problems at the time of coming back to Italy.

A foreigner living legally Italy whose Permit of Stay expires while abroad can apply for re-entry visa at the Italian Embassy/Consulate in the country where their permit expired.

Question: I’m living in Italy illegally. My girlfriend is from Poland and we would like to get married. Since I’m here illegally, is it possible for us to get married? And in case we can get married, can I apply for the permit? Thank you.

Although I come from the sunniest part of the World, Africa; the very Nigerian habit of speaking loud on the phone, saying 'Yes Sa' and Yes Ma' to everyone and using my car horn all the time was very much part of my life before coming to London.

However a change of environment can bring about a change in habits. Here are some habits that changed when I moved for Nigeria to the UK.

Afro Italian


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24th February 2015: A conference on Africa will be held in Rome from 13th to 15th March 2015. The conference titled Africa on The Move is being organized by Comboni Missionaries.

19th February 2015: It will be possible to submit nominations for this year’s Gospel Music Awards (GMA) Italy from 1st March 2015.

A widowed Egyptian mother has been given a 'woman breadwinner' award for her efforts to provide for her daughter Houda and grandchildren following her husband's death.


She sits with men in coffee shops, prays with them in the local mosque and dresses just as they do in pants or a traditional floor-length tunic known as a galabeya. Her name is Sisa Abu Daooh, and many believed she was a man until several weeks ago, when she publicly revealed her 42-year-old secret.

A large part of the reason her story has been so widely accepted by Egyptians is that there is no suggestion that her choice of clothing had anything to do with sexuality issues. Nevertheless, her story has demonstrated how many in Egypt are “pushing at the limits of traditional gender roles,” said Scott Long, a human-rights activist living in Cairo.

Read the full article on here at Migreat Africans | Migreat Africans is committed to serve and share the latest happenings, events and news for Europe's growing African community.


"The most important weapon of the oppressor is the minds of the oppressed." Steve Biko



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The number of migrants entering Italy has reached a new record as recent figures from the IOM have shown.

Asylum refugees

More than 170,000 reached Italian soil on this route in 2014, quadruple the previous year and a record annual figure for any country in EU history.

The flow of migrants has grown from a trickle in 2012 to become the most popular path for illegal immigration into Europe, with the balkans route through the hills of Greece, Macedonia and Serbia in hopes of entering the heart of the 28-nation European Union.

Most of these were people fleeing the war in Syria, while others were escaping conflict in Mali, Niger, Libya, Palestine or Eritrea. According to figures provided by IOM, the Italian Navy's Mare Nostrum operation and the Italian coastguard together managed to save over 120,000 lives last year.

The top asylum-seekers in Italy in 2014 were instead from Mali, with 9,800 requests, followed by Nigeria and Gambia.